¡XABOO! v1.0 is born.

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After many months of hard work on ¡XABOO!, today is the day of opening the site to the public.  I put together a solid first version of ¡XABOO! and hope that you will have a great time and find useful information about Xi'an & China. We aim to reach not only Expats but naturally Locals  as well.  So, everyone who lives and work in Xi'an or is generally interested in this historic city is welcome to join, to make contacts, friends and just have a relaxed time.

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jiexing said:

juliano, admin listened :) captcha has been removed. yeah. it makes sense when spam starts but for now its better no captcha.
2008-12-06 11:12:30
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juliano said:

randome stuff
hi jia , i was looking for you , where did you get my email ? because i cant remember giving it to anyone ) except the chinese forum where i hang out quite often =))) so you must be from chinese-tools.com ? am i right ? By the way , i simply hate this captcha system . i had it on my forum but i got rid of it cause it was getting annoying . well i suppose i can live with that , but it would be nice if the admin of this site could make it easy on posting comments for the registered users .
2008-11-23 09:15:33
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jia said:

this is the best expat site in xian! lets invite more to join. admin can we have a chat??
2008-11-23 02:04:56
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