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I often see question like "What is the best way to tour China if I don't speak the language". 

My name is Kreg Snit, my full time job is software engineer. I have developed lots of multimedia software like MKV to iPad . I  have been staying in China for more than 2 years and visited more than 20 cities.

It is possible to travel by yourself in China even if you do not speak Chinese, but certainly you need be very alert to pull it off. That's the fun of traveling independently, of course. It also depends how much time you have and how much of China you want to see as your own arrangement may not be as efficient as that of packaged tours. Just take care of transportation and accommodation and everything else is relatively easy. 

In terms of transportation, it is not too hard to get flight and bus tickets whereas often train tickets are difficult to come by. Flights can be booked anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of days in advance. Train tickets can be purchased 10 days or so before departure date, but mostly only in your departing city. With buses, in most cases you can show up and go. A lot of hotels to choose from, but you still want to have a reservation or a plan beforehand. 

Eating should be no problem; just make sure you eat clean and drink only bottled or boiled water; take some anti-diarrhea medicine with you. May young Chinese speak some English and are eager to try out on foreigners, so if you need to, talk to them. Expect fluent English though.

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Thora said:

Hygiene is like in the middle ages in China. Food is full of chemicals and highly polluted. It's a fact.
2013-01-08 15:40:39
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