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admin 22-02-17 21:04
Re:Anyone out there?
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Re:Anyone out there?
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Re:Anyone out there?
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Re:Dead forum?
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Anyone out there?
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    History & Culture

    Xian was the capital for eleven dynasties over a period of more than 2000 years. Learn more...

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    An incredible treasure of ancient
    China is waiting for you to be discovered. Learn more...

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    Great variety, thousand flavors, Discover local Xi'an food.
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  • Business in Xian


    Xi'an is a fast growing economic centre. The keypoint for the development of West-China.
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    Just as rich in history, Xi'an is an excellent place to pick up all the souvenirs you've been resisting.
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admin check out the other site i made:

lots of useful stuff there too.
Jesso1 That's fair enough. I have started looking through some older threads and am still finding some good stuff.

I'm sad to hear people are leaving China though although I do understand it can be tough for expats here.
admin Hello, here is the creator of this site.

Look, it is not the most active site you know, why? noone wants to go to China anymore. Everyone (all expats, Europeans, Americans etc.) are getting out of China because China is not a healthy place to live in. And the discrimination against everything "foreign" is increasing in china.

There is another site that is dedicated to Xian but trust me, 98% of the posters there are 50 cent posters and chinese who speak only for themselves. yeah, google it :-). they are called xian....*guessityourself*

@Kasha, this post is also ment for you :-)
Jesso1 If you have any success, let me know! I am finding a lot of the info here useful though, even if it's not the most active.
Kashapants Hello,

We are Americans moving to Xian from Hong Kong. We previously lived in Beijing and between those two Chinese cities, it was always easy to find plenty of expat forums. This one seems like it's had 1 post in the past 2 years. Are there other expat forums that you could let me know about?


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