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    History & Culture

    Xian was the capital for eleven dynasties over a period of more than 2000 years. Learn more...

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    An incredible treasure of ancient
    China is waiting for you to be discovered. Learn more...

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    Great variety, thousand flavors, Discover local Xi'an food.
    Learn more...

  • Business in Xian


    Xi'an is a fast growing economic centre. The keypoint for the development of West-China.
    Learn more...

  • Shopping in Xian


    Just as rich in history, Xi'an is an excellent place to pick up all the souvenirs you've been resisting.
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  • Xi'an Maps

    Find interesting places and locations. Help building it up by adding your own Markers!
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Xi'an/China General News
Approved in China.
Everything we design and make in China has to be approved by some govt 'Quality Bureau'. What we make we pretty much try to keep away from the prying eyes of the competition, as we're good at it and they'd love to know how were are so good.

Now, we have some products that we have been selling for about 3 years in China simple components that go into mobile phone systems and they've never been approved because they are made to a customers spec and they go into a customers system so there is no real need for the parts to be approved. Makes sense to everyone, almost. Well, now, after all these years we have to get these parts 'approved' to make sure they are of a suitable quality for sale in China (actually standard practice). So we have to submit a pile of documentation to a certain department for them to review and approve. Trouble is, they don't have anyone who understands our technology or who is competent or qualified to do it so they have recruited an 'expert' to do it for them. This 'expert' and his 4 cronies (yes, 5 people in total) have to review and approve our products and the entire documentation from specifications, drawings,

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Kidnapped for speaking out
A reporter with the German TV station Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) was interviewing a young man in China about the newspaper censorship controversy, when, immediately after the interview, a team of plainclothes Chinese police picked up the man like a slab of meat and threw him into the back of an unmarked van, stunning the German camera crew.

China’s plainclothes state security agents are well known, particularly in Beijing and near politically sensitive sites such as Tienanmen Square. And it’s not uncommon for them to bundle perceived troublemakers, especially protesters or petitioners, into unmarked vans. But it is jarring to see police officers grabbing citizens so openly in front of a German TV news camera, given the Communist Party’s sensitivity to Western scrutiny of its human rights record.

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Why I came to China?
I am often asked by people to give them my reasons for coming to live and work in China. I never fail to hesitate and give them some lame answer to their question. I usually end up telling them them I'm not sure or that I believed China would be a really different place than my home, or that I just wanted the travel experience. All of that is true.

However, when I ponder the motivations that compelled me to seek out a means for being able to live in China, I come across deeper meanings than what I can just list off the top of my head. I will attempt to give a  list of the reasons why I chose to come to China in the most articulate way possible. Not just for you, the readers, but also for me. Perhaps the next time I'm asked why I came to China, I'll be able to say more than, "Because I wanted to".

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China - Between Past and Future
China is a country endowed with a colorful history. Owning deeply engrained traditions that few of it's population stray from it is a country that is hard to decipher for the outsider. Often what is visible is only a fraction of what exists. China is a seemingly never ending tangle of milleniums old customs that it's people have endeared themselves to and cannot forget or alter.

This is slowly changing however in the bigger, more developed cities. Newer generations are leading more independent lives seperate from their parents, and going abroad for education and work, leaving behind the traditions of the past and rushing into a world of modern thought.

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It’s one of those cliches of China advice, something that’s told to every business person before they travel to China for the first time: “Don’t lose your temper. Displays of anger are frowned upon in China.”

Yeah, right. If that’s true, then why is it that I see people here publicly and spectacularly Losing It here in China just about every single day?

You’ve all seen them — usually involving some nouveau-riche guy with a manbag and his mobile phone clipped to his belt, occassionally a little juiced up on baijiu, ranting and raving and screaming and shouting at whoever has slighted his “face”. I’ve seen people screaming at airport check-in staff, shop assistants, cab drivers, security guards, each other in the street when they collide on their bikes, there seems to be no end to the anger and frustration among the locals.

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