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    History & Culture

    Xian was the capital for eleven dynasties over a period of more than 2000 years. Learn more...

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    Xi'an is a fast growing economic centre. The keypoint for the development of West-China.
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    Just as rich in history, Xi'an is an excellent place to pick up all the souvenirs you've been resisting.
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Xi'an/China General News
ESL for Shopkeepers
Look, if you don’t speak English and you absolutely want to hawk your crap on unsuspecting tourists in Xi'an, then you really need to work on expanding your bursting two word vocabulary. I’m not trying to be tough on you. I really enjoyed our conversation today. You don’t remember it? Let me recap it for You:

You: Look! Look! Look! OK! OK! Look! Look! Look! OK! OK! OK! OK! Look! Look! Look! OK! Look! OK! Look! OK! Look! OK! Look! Look! Look! OK! OK! Look! Look! Look! Look! OK! Look! Look! Look! OK! Look! Look! Look! Look! OK! Look! OK! Look! Look! Look! Look! Me: (blank stare of disbelief)
I dig that you are a motivated seller and follow me as I told you politely and ever-so-unpolitely in seven different languages that I don’t want any.

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Being a “Boss” in China
Last week I had the opportunity to eat dinner with three bosses from four factories that we were doing a couple projects with this last month.  One owns a large-box printing factory with 200+ employees.  Another was the owner of a plastics stamping factory with about 150-200 people.  And the most vocal guy was the owner of two factories, a wood furniture factory and a clothing factory. (I’ve written about bosses before and I find these guys, a generation of true entrepreneurs in China, to be fascinating.)

As we sat around the table they started to tell me how difficult it was to be a boss in China nowadays.  At first I took this as the usual “poor me, I’m not making (enough) money on your project” ploy.  But as it went on I realized that there was much sincerity in what was being said regardless of why and I started to take (mental) notes that I immediately wrote down once I got in the taxi to go home.

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The Only Difference
After being married to a Chinese woman for two years, I have noticed one question constantly comes up in conversations with both Chinese and Western people. “What are the differences between Chinese and Western girls?” The differences really aren’t that dramatic or unfathomable. But there is one difference that everyone who wants to date or marry a Chinese must understand. The role that our families play in our lives is very different.
Many years ago, I was having the “cultural differences” conversation with some Chinese friends. People kept bringing up the usual suspects of food, entertainment, way of life, and the rest of the trivial ones I was accustomed to hearing. The conversation was generally boring and I gave my standard tape recorder answers. Until one of the guys at the table piped up and uttered one of the most insightful things I have heard in a long time. He said: “The biggest difference between the China and the West is that in the West you marry a girl.

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Versuche es mit Gemütlichkeit...
Meister Yoda sagte einst: Furcht ist der Pfad zur dunklen Seite. Furcht führt zu Wut, Wut führt zu Hass, Hass führt zu unsäglichem Leid.

Eine der Yoga Weisheiten besagt: Die Gedanken sind der Ursprung aller unseren Gefühlen und Handlungen, deshalb gilt es sie zu beherrschen.So wäre es theoretisch moeglich, dass man Ärger, Wut und andere Gefühle erst gar nicht entstehen lässt. Also könnte ich theoretisch cool bleiben und durch das Leben gehen ohne mich aufzuregen, das wäre schön! Ich will es mal versuchen. Wir laufen am Abend zum schönen neuen Restaurant an der Ecke. Wir müssen nur ca. 1 km bis zur Ecke laufen und dann nochmal vielleicht 0.5 km. Nicht weit. Es ist ein warmer Abend und eigentlich könnte alles einfach nur schön sein.

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Eine letzte gute Tat
Man macht sich immer Gedanken, wie man die verbleibende Zeit am besten verbringt, was man am besten macht. Viele Ratgeber fangen mit dem Satz an: Stellen Sie sich vor Sie haben nur noch sechs Monate zu leben! Aber das hier ist nicht sowas... im Gegenteil hier geht es um meine letzten Taten bevor ich in den Flugzeug von Frankfurt nach Peking einstieg.

Tja, was macht man während der letzten Stunden des Urlaubs? Sagen wir mal, im Urlaub in Thailand. Also ich würde wahrscheinlich nochmal ein typisches Gericht essen, was ich sonst nur in Thailand finden kann. Oder ich würde nochmal einen schönen Tempel besuchen oder wenn ich im Bangkok bin, vielleicht noch einmal mit dem Boot oder mit der Fähre auf dem Fluss fahren.

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